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(February 2023) Contents of PAN



Portable Area Node contents in a Pelican 1730 case

1. Buddipole tripod and mast

2. Steel stake with hammer bag used to anchor mast guy ropes

3. Mast guy rope, guy rope winder, guy ring and three cord tighteners

4. Four shielded outdoor cat 6 cables

5. Two power extension cables with Anderson connectors

6. Solar power extension cable

7. Lifepo4 battery charger 110 volt

8. One QRT5 flat panel node with mount and clamp

9. Two mANTBox 15s 120 degree sector nodes with mounts and clamps

10. One SXT5sq 5 node with clamp.

11. One 12 volt computer for signal tuning and channel setting of nodes

12. Computer power cord with 110 volt charger

13. One flat Cat 6 cable for computer

14. One USB to RJ45 adapter for data connection to nodes

15. Two LED flood lights

16. One 5mm hex wrench for QRT5 aiming

17. One 8mm – 10mm wrench for 120 degree sector aiming

18. One 120 watt folding solar panel.

19.One Powerbox which includes:

1. Lifepo4 battery

2. 12 volt dc to 24 volt dc step up converter

3. West mountain radio RIGrunner

4. One 8 port gigabit passive POE switch

5. One solar panel 20 amp charge controller

6. 1 panel mount double powerpole connector with water tight cover

7. 1 panel mount cigarette lighter marine grade

8. 1 panel mount 100A on-off battery switch

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