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The mesh runs on software from the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN), which leverages Wi-Fi technology's strength across frequencies reserved for ham radio use.  You can download software and learn more from AREDN. Using this software ensures compliance with FCC Part 97 rules. 


Mesh networks run on readily available, low cost equipment available from vendors on the Internet. NBAM enables amateur radio operators to stand up working mesh node networks quickly that are automatically configured, self-healing, resilient, and robust.


Use of Mesh By Non-licensed Individuals   

Frequently asked of NBAM is the question about use of the mesh by individuals who do
not have an FCC amateur radio license. While it is not NBAM’s responsibility to advise on interpretation of FCC Part 97 or any regulations, we believe the following:

Access to the mesh by non-licensed individuals should only occur when they can be
observed/monitored by a licensed operator.

The Technology is Tried, Tested & True

AREDN mesh networks world-wide are up and running. Month in month out, high speed digital networks like BAM and NBAM “are being utilized. Two examples in the Bay Area are:

  • Provide live video feeds along a marathon’s route, allowing event planners and public safety officials to track race progress, crowd density, and potential security threats in real-time.

  • Deliver services to an EOC location during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a data link to the main EOC.

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